Green Grape here. I guess I’ll give this a go. We are two twenty something graduate students with philosophy degrees and a passing interest in many things. We argue a lot about anime we watch, art we see, academic papers we read, what to get for dinner, the reality of facts that are easily searchable online… We argue a lot. Usually it’s civil. I guess we also agree a lot, so there’s that too. We both straddle the supposed divide between science and the humanities in terms of our academic backgrounds. I am currently working on research in computer science (if you have to put the word “science” in the title, it’s probably not really¬†science, but that doesn’t stop us!), while Purple is a geology researcher. So that’s a bit of the background/perspective we are coming from. I’m really shit at this kind of exposition, so I’ll let my posts speak for me going forward. Feel free to just speculate wildly and make whatever hilarious assumptions you want about the rest of my life. It’ll be more fun that way.

Purple, hopefully you’ll write the nice people some kind of introduction soon.